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Being a part of Türküseven Holding, we're founded as a subbranch of the steel producing department, Bescelik. The increasing amount of the demand for more materials and huge amounts we decided to seperate the export department to be a global supplier for all commodities we supply. Today, we are proud to supply a wide range of commodities, from all metals to fuels, from food to laboratory equipments. 


Türküseven Holding, was founded in 1986, but the start was much before as a construction company, dealing with small scale household projetcs. After completing various projects, the company became one of the main contsructors in Turkiye, completing several airports and big public construction projetcs. Then increasing steel demand in these projetcs, led the foundation of Bescelik, which will be one of the biggest steel producers. The company is also well known in the region as the exports it makes. Later on exports of metals, other than steel, started and in years it passed over steel sales. At that point it was the most logical move to seperate the export department as another company to deal only with export sales. Today, as Honos Global Trading Co. Ltd we're proud to be one the biggests in the sector and the most contributing company in the group.


The main object of the Honos Global Trading company is to be a reliable global supplier. In order to reach that target, we make contracts with the main producers in the World, in order to have a constant supply with a stable price range. Selling the best products in vast amounts with the lowest possible price is our mission. 

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